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Here is a list of the most popular and recommended ion-induction/conduction facial appliances. By passing a weak electric current through the skin, it improves the penetration of skin care and removes dirt and other contaminants.
It is very compact and low cost, yet has a full range of six functions that are gentle on the skin. In addition to ion conduction and introduction, EMS and LED current can be used to address all aspects of your skin concerns. The ultrasonic vibration, which can be adjusted to three different vibration levels, has a perfect massaging effect on the skin and brings a sense of firmness to the skin.
SAIKOYA Ion-Induction & Derivation Facial Machine
The ion-induction function removes dirt and dead skin cells clogging pores, and the ion-introduction function allows beauty ingredients such as lotion to penetrate into the skin, while the EMS micro-current and 40°C temperature massage are ideal for those suffering from sagging, swelling, and fine lines. The size is also attractive and easy to carry around.
L&L Skin YOKO is a stick-type facial device. By using the power of ions (electro-osmotic flow) while using a beauty essence, the moisturizing ingredients penetrate further, leading to a fresh impression on the skin. It also comes with ultrasonic and thermal care functions for convenience. In addition, the simple structure that can be operated with a single button is one of the points that make it easy to use.
belulu Classy
This is a renewal of the popular previous model. Cleansing with the ion-conducting function absorbs dirt that cannot be removed by hand. Therefore, it is recommended for those who are concerned about the dirt in their pores and the removal of makeup. It also comes with ultrasonic and LED functions for multi-care.
Panasonic Facial Unit Ion Efector with Cool Mode
The pre-care mode loosens the pores and keratin before the full-fledged care, making it easier for the beauty ingredients to penetrate. By delivering the beauty ingredients to the inside of your skin, it moisturizes your skin, making it perfect for those who suffer from dry skin. The cool mode encourages the skin to contract, leading to tighter skin.


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